Online Glucose Stats Soon to be Available

You may have guessed it already but I like online tools. So when the announcement about the launch of SugarStats showed up on my interest was peaked.

SugarStats is an online service aimed at enabling individuals with diabetes to manage, monitor and share their blood glucose levels. Glucose readings are entered online and stored in a simple interface and can be accessed from anywhere at any time, even via a cell phone or mobile device.

The ultimate goal, of coarse, is improved diabetes management through better control of blood sugar levels.

The concept is really cool and I’ve just requested to be a beta tester. You can do the same (click here – the site offers no guarantees). Having only been recently introduced to the concept, I’m not sure where the project is going but hope the creators of the software have considered adding some type of social networking tools (e.g., to their interface (yes, it’s always easy to ask for more). I think this would likely increase excitement, commitment and use.

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Thanks for the post, we’ve gotten great response since the announcement and a swarm of private-BETA requests and feedback from the people using it.

Some social-networking aspect is definitely an interesting and hot idea. Though right-now we just want to focus on the things it does best, this type of functionality is definitely worth looking at a little down the line.

One big feature we’re looking to release soon is our TrustedView ability which will let users share their stats as they see them but in a read-only manner (along with commenting/messaging) to their friends, family and health-care professional. One thing at a time I suppose 🙂

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