Septum piercing pain and healing time

Septum piercing dangers

Septum piercing with people who are suffering from various heart diseases are at increased risk of developing an infection after piercing. They should practice extra care, especially the people who have diseases such as diabetes, various skin problems, allergies, pregnant women have an autoimmune disease.

Septum piercing pain

Before decorating the body with piercing, prefer to consult with a doctor. However, it is advisable to pre-vaccination against tetanus and hepatitis. After septum piercing is performed some pain might arise. Septum piercing pain is common, yet the recovery time might be prolonged.

Septum piercing healing time factors

Piercing procedure must necessarily take place in a clean, safe and professional environment and only a qualified person can perform this procedure. A place where you decide for piercing should be cleaned and disinfected needle with which you puncture the desired location must be sterile and sharp. Septum piercing healing time may vary, but is usually around 2-6 weeks.

Then follows the insertion of needle which was previously sterilized. The material used must be discarded after use and disposed of in a container intended for this type of waste. A person who has performed the piercing is obliged to give all necessary instructions, namely, how should we go to the area where the septum piercing jewelery is installed and as swiftly as possible without adverse consequences. Well check out the premises, as they must be clean and adequate. Do not perform piercing on suspicious sites.

Even the person who performs the piercing must take care with cleaning prior to the procedure and must wash and disinfect their hands and use gloves. Care should also be given to what jewelry you choose, because some people are sensitive to nickel and other metals. In any event, for piercing choose the best Gold (fourteen and eighteen karat), platinum, steel orthopedic titanium or niobium material.

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